What Are Fire Extinguishers?

From its name, a fire extinguisher is a device that I use mostly for the purposes of putting out fire in the case of a small fire outbreak in my home. It works by removing the oxygen (heat element) that supports combustion in the fire. There are various types of fire extinguishers namely:

Water and foam fire extinguishers
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
Dry chemical fire extinguishers
Wet chemical fire extinguishers
Clean agent fire extinguishers
Dry powder fire extinguishers

What are the advantages of fire extinguishers?
While I have not had the opportunity to use all the above types of fire extinguisher Singapore, I believe they all serve the same basic function of putting out fire. I use the dry chemical fire extinguisher, as it is the most commonly used anyway. With it comes many benefits such as:

Occupy less space

In my home, unless you are looking out for the fire extinguisher, it is very hard for you to notice it at one go. This is because it occupies very small space. I did not have to plan for its spacing while I was building my house. From a pin on the wall near my garage, it hangs waiting to serve me in case there is any fire outbreak of any kind.

Easy to use

During emergencies like fire outbreaks, anything that is simple to use and guarantees to put out the fire is welcome. This is what the fire extinguisher provides. In the case a fire starts, all I need to do is un hook it from where it hangs on your wall, pull the safety pin and direct its contents towards the fire. I do not need a special user guide or knowledge to operate a basic fire extinguisher.
Another advantage of the fire extinguisher is that it allows me to contain the fire before the fire brigades arrive and it is cost effective. It has a lengthy expiry date.
Fire Extinguishers are a critical part of every fire safety program. Training all your employees on the proper use of extinguishers will make your workplace a much safer one. Fire situations are stressful and they are no time to learn how to use an extinguisher. A trained professional from the fire department should be used in this capacity.
Here are a few things never to do with an Extinguisher
Never us a Extinguisher without knowing what class of fire it is designated for. Fire Extinguishers are specifically made for the class of fire they need to extinguish. Using the wrong class of Fire Extinguisher could make a fire worse.
Never test an extinguisher to see if it’s working. This could cause it to lose pressure. Instead check the extinguisher for corrosion, make sure the pressure gage shows full and the locking pin and tamper seal are in place and lastly have a professional check the extinguishers once a year.
Never place an extinguisher in a closet, on the floor or behind anything. An extinguisher needs to be ready at a moment’s notice and should be in an unobstructed, conspicuous position.
Never start to put out a fire until you know your escape route. In a fire situation, things can escalate quickly and you want to make sure you have a quick way out if smoke or gases fill the room.
Never use an extinguisher until you have called 911 and sounded the alarm. These two steps are the priority.

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