Upholstery Services Can Save Your Beloved Furniture

Your most beloved sofa and chair in the family room, looks all of the worse, due to the daily wear and tear, from your family, over the years. Everyone known to man has been sitting there, and it has been years, before you actually got to a point, where you even realized that the furniture, needs to be upholstered. Your next step, has to be getting informed about the names of upholstery companies in your city. This can be done through searching the internet, while looking for reviews and ratings on these companies, to determine who does the best quality work. You can also speak with family members and friends, who have had their furniture Upholstery Singapore recently, or try to make the repairs yourself.

While you know, that you are considered to be super woman by everyone in the family, this is a job for an upholstery professional. You will need to know what services each upholstery company offers. And while you know that there are companies out there, that can probably bring your old worn and torn furniture back to life, you don’t actually understand the process. There are many upholstery services, that will explain the process to you over the telephone. They will also, often come to your home, to see what your concerns are and to give you an estimate or quote, of what the cost of the upholstery service will be. All of these, are take advantage ideas, that should be done after making the decision, to have your furniture upholstered. Other great ideas, are to read books, visit furniture shops, or shops that sell furniture cloth, so that you can get an idea for your preferences. The upholstery company will have all of this as well, but it is sometimes a good idea, if you do this alone or with your family in the beginning, so that you already have a preconceived idea, of what your family wants for the new upholstered furniture.

*Benefits of Furniture Upholstery
There are many benefits to having your furniture upholstered. They include: durability, aesthetic appeal to the viewer, array of choices on various styles, quality and comfort.

*Services Commonly Offered by Furniture Upholstery Companies
Some of the common services offered by upholstery services include: stain removal, fabric upholstery, adjusting furniture height and/or width, replacing seat springs, adding batting, foam and padding, custom made slipcovers, repairing furniture, adding tufts, buttons, welting and nail head trim and services for yacht furniture,

*Upholstery Process
1)Remove all of the furniture and fabric from the frame.
2)Make sure that the frame is tightened, so that it remains secure.
3)Repair the frame, as needed.
4)Rebuild the seat and replace the webbing.
5)Replace the springs in the seat.
6)Make sure that the padding and cotton batting are replaced.
7)Make sure the foam cushions are replaced.
8)Apply the new fabric chosen by the customer
9)Make sure the fabric is custom fitted to the furniture

So remember, that the next time, you are wondering about whether or not, to throw out your beloved worn and torn furniture, to keep in mind that upholstery services, no matter your area, are a wise decision, for keeping your furniture looking its best. Most furniture upholstery companies offer friendly and professional customer service staff, who will work with you one on one, while helping you bring your furniture dreams, into a reality.

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